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Calgary, Alberta

Jewellery and accessories with a natural look; genuine fossils, shells & stones, with some authentic sea glass thrown in for good measure. Handmade in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

My Blog about SEO & eCommerce, Mitochondrial Disease & Disability, & the Good Life

Blog posts from Cindy Lou Who 2 - a little eCommerce & SEO, some discussion of disability issues (including mitochondrial disease), some jewellery info, & the expected topics of beer, travel & recipes. 


So I Think I Can Start a Blog...

Cindy Lou Who 2

I know, the world really needs more blogs, right? (Side thought - I wonder how many abandoned blogs are floating around on the web? A beer for each one would probably cover me til I die) 

Being able to post a few comments on something or other, now & again, has been one of those things I've wanted to have happening for some time, & adding a blog to a website seemed to be the best way to go. But it has taken me a few years to do a website. If you are reading this, the website is finally live. Whew!

Expect some posts on ecommerce & SEO (including about Etsy, where I have had a shop for 6 years as of this week), discussion of disability issues & mitochondrial disease, a few posts about my jewellery business (but not enough to be spammy, I promise!), & probably some travel posts, recipes & the other usual blog topics. I can't promise there will be no sports.  I can promise that I won't be posting daily. 


  Me & Ogopogo in Kelowna, October 2008

Me & Ogopogo in Kelowna, October 2008