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Calgary, Alberta

Jewellery and accessories with a natural look; genuine fossils, shells & stones, with some authentic sea glass thrown in for good measure. Handmade in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

Coprolite Earrings, Fossil Dinosaur Poop

My collection of genuine coprolite earrings - actual fossilized dinosaur poop, made into jewellery for your ears. 


Yes, I made these earrings using real coprolite - from a dinosaur, no less! These paleontological droppings have agatized into beautifully-coloured stones over millions of years. Different choices of style & several different hook types mean you will be able to find exactly what you need, for yourself or for a gift to your favourite paleontology geek. Most designs have several colours available, so make sure to check all of the photos on each page. 


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