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Is there an odd Etsy search test going on?

Cindy Lou Who 2

There have been a lot of changes on Etsy lately, including some using a personalized approach, especially on the new home page. I have been expecting them to try to personalize search next. Is that what I am seeing tonight, or is this just a bug?

I did the exact same search - "abalone earrings"  - in 3 different browsers. I had no filters or preferences turned on. Each search returned 4541 items from All Items. 

But each result is in a slightly different order - see the 3 screenshots to the right. In 2 of the 3 examples, I am logged into one of my shops. In the third, I am not logged into Etsy at all. Each screenshot shows the top 3 rows of the 1st page of the search (I did not show the promoted listings). 

Did the search on my netbook logged into my jewellery shop & got the exact same result as for my jewellery shop on my PC. But then I refreshed the PC version & got yet another shuffle. Also tried this on a phone (not using the app) & got 8 of the same 9 items (the missing pair of earrings was in the 10th slot on my phone).

I did this search a few weeks ago & got 2 different sets of results, 1 in 2 browsers on my PC, and 1 on my netbook & on an old iPhone, but those 2 different search results were quite a bit different from each other. Yes, there was some overlap, but not to this extent. 

So, is this a test, a bug or a rollout? Given that refreshing gave me a slightly different version yet again, it might be a bug, or even a planned shuffling of results to see how users respond. 

I posted about it here on the SEO team. Please let me know what you are seeing, either in that thread or in the comment section below. 

UPDATE: this is now a permanent feature on Etsy, where you will see a slightly different sort, shuffling the rankings by 1-2 rows at most. There is no substantial difference in the sets of results. 

Abalone earrings search, Chrome, logged in

Abalone earrings search, Chrome, logged in

Abalone earrings search, FireFox, logged in

Abalone earrings search, FireFox, logged in

Abalone earrings search, IE, not logged in

Abalone earrings search, IE, not logged in