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Etsy Only Compensates US Sellers for Direct Checkout Disbursement Delays

Cindy Lou Who 2

He forgot to mention that only American problems receive this high level of attention

He forgot to mention that only American problems receive this high level of attention

Since November 30th, numerous Etsy sellers have experienced delays in receiving their payments from Etsy's internal checkout system (which competes with Paypal as a credit card processor). The problems started with sellers in the United Kingdom, then spread to Canadians, then on Friday US sellers found that their late afternoon payments did not come through. While it appears that the causes may be different issues, merchants in all countries experienced them in similar fashion - no cash flow to pay their supply bills, postal charges and personal expenses such as mortgage payments. The issue was most acute for those in Canada, some of whom have still not received their money after 7 days.

While Canadian & UK sellers received quite the run around in getting an explanation and resolution, US sellers experienced a very different level of customer service. Within 2 days over a weekend, US sellers received a full explanation, sincere apology and most importantly, a promise to reimburse all Etsy fees incurred between the last completed money transfer and the missing payment. They were also told to contact Etsy if they had overdraft fees to pay due to the incident. 

At the time of this writing, I am not aware of any Canadian or UK sellers who have received a promise to reimburse fees from the time period of the missing deposits, and no one from Etsy has spoken publicly about why US sellers receive preferential treatment for what are essentially the same disadvantages - a loss of cash flow. 

There has been much written elsewhere about whether or not these delays were preventable; I won't be commenting on that, other than to say I do understand that glitches and malfunctions can happen.

What I will say is, the character of any person or entity shows best when they are forced to own up to their errors. Failure to do so in an equitable fashion speaks volumes, and I am not the only one listening intently right now. 

Think carefully about who you give your business to. 


An update: Late on December 8th, Etsy announced they would be compensating non-US sellers. They did not give any reason why they had not agreed to this before, which is disturbing, since the problems outside of the US began first. 

It is also disturbing that the problem was supposedly a currency conversion issue - shouldn't that be an automatic action online?