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Blog posts from Cindy Lou Who 2 - a little eCommerce & SEO, some discussion of disability issues (including mitochondrial disease), some jewellery info, & the expected topics of beer, travel & recipes. 


Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week, Sept 20-26, 2015

Cindy Lou Who 2

Yes, it is already time for Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week! an internationally recognized week for educating and raising awareness about mitochondrial diseases. 

Mitochondrial diseases are a diverse group of ailments caused by problems with mitochondria - your body's biggest creators of energy. While some people are mildly affected and may only have a few symptoms, others can die from the exact same genetic defect. Even people in the same family can have wildly varying experiences of "mito". For more basic information, check out Mito Action's FAQ here.

Mito Action also has a great page with resources & ideas for spreading awareness this week; definitely worth checking out! 

For more ideas and info, please see the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation page for awareness week.

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