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Canada Post Strike Possible, 2016 - Shipping Notice

Cindy Lou Who 2

I may be auditioning some delivery alternatives ...  "Pigeons", by  Jocelyn , under  Creative Commons License . 

I may be auditioning some delivery alternatives ...  "Pigeons", by Jocelyn, under Creative Commons License

UPDATED (August 30): ***Canada Post has reached a tentative agreement with its two largest unions, likely averting a strike or lockout for the next two years, so unless the unions do not ratify the contracts, the rest of this blog post is now obsolete***

If a full walk out or lockout eventually occurs, the federal government has said they will not legislate them back to work, at least not right away, so this could be a lengthy disruption. I will continue to update this post with more information as it becomes available.

As of today (August 26th), I will continue to ship all orders within 2 business days, although I will be warning all Canadian customers that a work stoppage may occur before their items arrive. Fortunately, my non-Canadian orders usually get out of the country on the same day they are mailed, so those orders will ship normally for the time being. 

In the event of a full strike or lockout, I will have several different options available:

  • Calgary-area customers can contact me to arrange a pickup point for their orders.
  • Shipping via courier will be available for any customers who want to pay the additional shipping fees. Contact me for a quote! 
  • For all other purchases, I will be shipping American orders via the United States Postal Service (USPS) once a week from Montana. USPS shipping to some countries other than Canada will also be possible for an additional fee. 

Need to mail something and want alternatives to Canada Post in case they close down? I've compiled some major options here

I will be updating this post with any new information as the situation develops; check back often.