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Canada Post Alternatives: Other Shipping Companies in Canada

Cindy Lou Who 2

There Are Many Different Ways To Ship Into And From Canada Without Using Canada Post, Including Options For Small Businesses

Worried about backlogs at Canada Post after the strikes (get updates here), but you don't know any other affordable shipping companies to fill the gap for your small business?

Need a cheaper way to ship within Canada or to the US?

Need an alternative for shipping into Canada from other countries?

Fortunately, there are many established options out there, including several services that will truck packages across the American border to ship via the United States Postal Service, incoming and outgoing.

Note: The following lists do not mean I am endorsing any of these companies, and I have not received any compensation to link to any of them. I am sharing this list because I spent some time compiling it for Canadian Etsy sellers I know, and thought it might be useful to others too. 

National Courier Companies

Most large courier companies in Canada have locations in most provinces, and provide national and international services. However, coverage can be minimal to nonexistent in many remote or rural areas, and prices are all over the map. One company may be cheaper for mailing between points A and B, while another company gives the best rates between cities C and D. Also, courier prices are often more in line with Canada Post rates for a larger package, but small items are several times the cost of regular mail, so this is not a viable option for many of us.  

The following list shows the cost to ship a small bubble envelope with a $50 value from Calgary to St. John's, Newfoundland on October 19th, 2018 (tax not included, cheapest/slowest rate selected, no customer discounts applied):

Signing up for an account may make you eligible for discounts (e.g., UPS gives me a small business rate of 20% off the price listed above), as can a high volume of packages. Note, however, that couriers will sometimes limit their services to existing customers for the duration of any Canada Post disruptions and during the busy holiday season, so you will need to contact these companies to make sure they will be able to cover your needs.

There are also numerous companies which offer access to better rates at couriers and for Canada Post than many of us can get on our own, including Chit Chats. Their prices, reliability and customer service can vary, so check reviews carefully before signing up for their services.

Regional Shipping Services That Deliver Outside of Canada

There are many businesses that provide shipping and freight services within a city or region; therefore, I have restricted this list to those who ship outside of Canada (although some also provide in-Canada service as well). Do check with each company for more details on their current service levels and time frames, and other details regarding requirements, as some request a spreadsheet detailing each of your parcels being shipped. 

(If you are a high-volume seller but don’t live near one of these options, consider couriering your packages to the closest office; contact the company you wish to use to get their recommendations on the cheapest way to reach them.)

Chit Chats Express: the most national and established alternative that ships via the United States Postal Service (USPS). Opened in 2001, they now have multiple offices in Ontario, BC, Quebec, Alberta and Nova Scotia. Fees are 65 cents to $2 per package, plus the US postage cost. They also have courier arrangements to ship within Canada and internationally. Print US postage at home or in their offices; check with your nearest location for details, as services vary by city. (Note: they did not reply when I emailed a few questions, which is a bit of a red flag for me)

DYK Post: shipping via USPS from their offices in Calgary and Edmonton, with drop off locations in Edmonton North, Red Deer, Innisfail and Lethbridge; they also offer pickups in Calgary and Edmonton. Costs $1 and up per package to ship via USPS through their location in Montana. Print your own USPS postage or do it at their office. They also offer discounted DHL and other services to ship around the world.

Parcel for Less: southern Ontario shipper with main offices in Hamilton and Mississauga, with some services in other surrounding cities. Their fees start at 60 cents per package for shipping to the US and other countries. Print USPS postage labels online or at their offices. 

Runnin’ Red: based in Winnipeg, they ship with USPS and UPS from North Dakota, starting $1 per package. You buy labels online yourself then drop your packages off.

Do It Yourself Shipping from the United States

Live close to the border? You may want to try shipping via USPS (or other American service providers) on your own. Make sure you do your research first, including contacting your closest border crossing to get their advice on the quickest legal way to bring your packages into the US. There is a per-crossing fee (or you can pay for a yearly pass), and border agents generally prefer any parcels remain unsealed so they can be inspected if necessary. While many USPS offices allow you to use a Canadian return address on their packages, some online merchants prefer to set up a PO box in the US to avoid any issues. An American address is also necessary to use some online label services. 

Services That Ship Into Canada

Outside of Canada and want to ship things to your loyal customers here? If you don’t want to use the courier companies listed above for shipping into Canada due to the high brokerage fees, there are other options for your Canadian customers. Most common are cross-border services that allow Canadians to receive mail at a US address, and then have it brought across the border for local pickup or delivery. DYK Post, Runnin’ Red and Cross Border PIckups are three companies that offer US PO boxes to Canadians, and bring the mail back over the border for pick up in their respective cities.

Other companies such as My US Address will let Canadians pick up their mail in the US, or will reship it in Canada for them. Some businesses such as Kinek have multiple US locations that their customers can drive to for package retrieval. Note that the prices on these services vary, and may not always be cheaper than using conventional couriers, so it is best to ask your customer what they want to pay when giving them these options.

If I have missed any useful tips, or if you know of any other companies that should be included here, please send me a message or leave a note in the comments. This post will be updated as required. 

For media enquiries, please email me by clicking the envelope icon on the top, or contact me on Twitter. I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

UPDATED: November 27, 2018

Canada Post Labour Disruptions 2018 - Updates On My Shipping

Cindy Lou Who 2

Mail in Canada might be a little slower for the next little while …

Mail in Canada might be a little slower for the next little while …

UPDATED: The strikes at Canada Post are now over, as of November 27, 2018. The company is warning customers that there may be delays within Canada as they work to clear the backlog, however, and all delivery date guarantees are currently suspended.

So far, my Canadian orders are at most 1-2 days late, and many have been delivered within normal time frames. Customers in southern Ontario will probably see the biggest lags. I am currently offering pickups in the Calgary area for people who want to avoid Canada Post for the time being.

How Canada Post Rotating Strikes Work

Rotating strikes involve union members striking for 24-48 hours in a different cities each day. The strike locations are currently not being announced until each strike is about to start.

Although I have not seen any serious delays in my packages arriving, as of Monday November 19th, Canada Post is now warning Canadians that domestic mail delivery could be subject to significant delays, especially in Southern Ontario where 1/3 of Canadians live. The rotating strikes & the union’s refusal of overtime (which is generally used a lot during the holiday shipping season) has caused large backlogs in and around Toronto in particular. Canada Post even anticipates having to start refusing mail in the Toronto area as they do not have enough places to store it.

At this time, I will still be using Canada Post for all of my orders, so please note that tracked and express packages may be delayed within Canada by more than 1-2 days, especially if your location becomes a strike target. UPS is available if you want to pay the additional fees, and Calgary-area customers are welcome to arrange a pickup if they want to avoid this problem.

International customers (including in the US) will not likely see any major changes to their deliveries during rotating strikes. However, it is possible I will have to delay shipping by 1-2 days if Calgary is chosen as a rotating strike location. I apologize for the inconvenience.

What Happens If This Escalates To A Lockout Or Full Strike?

While the contracts may be settled without any further effects on mail delivery, I am planning ahead for the possibility that the dispute escalates to a full strike or lockout.

The following services will be available in my Etsy shop and here on my website if Canada Post suspends all mail:

1) Shipping in Canada via UPS courier services, if you wish to pay the additional fees, as well as local pickups for customers in the Calgary area. All other Canadian orders will be held until Canada Post resumes service. 

2) Shipping to the United States using USPS (regular mail), via a courier that will take packages from Calgary across the border into Montana a few times a week. Shipments will include USPS tracking. 

3) Shipping to most other countries using the service explained above with a non-USPS carrier. I can also hold your orders until Canada Post resumes service, if you wish. 

I strongly suggest that you order now for the holidays so that you are less likely to experience any additional delays in delivery. My international packages generally leave Canada within 2 business days, so non-Canadians ordering now should not be affected by any significant slowdowns.

This post will be updated as the situation changes; please bookmark this page for ease of access.

UPDATED: November 27th, 2018

Canada Post 2017 Suggested Holiday Mailing Dates and Deadlines

Cindy Lou Who 2

Don't worry, you don't have to wrap anything quite yet ...  (Photo on  Visualhunt )

Don't worry, you don't have to wrap anything quite yet ...  (Photo on Visualhunt)

Yes, it is that time of year again - we are getting close to the suggested holiday shipping cutoffs for Canada Post for some countries. Whether you are a customer or a Canadian ecommerce business owner, please take note of the following suggested shipping deadlines for delivery by December 24th. (These are not guarantees, and I highly recommend ordering well before these dates, or upgrading to faster shipping, if you need your purchases to arrive by Christmas.)

Suggested Dates for Regular Shipping from Canada

  • Africa - November 25
  • Asia/Australia/New Zealand - December 1
  • Central/South America/Caribbean - December 1
  • Europe - December 1
  • Middle East - December 1
  • United States - December 11
  • Canada - December 11

Express Shipping

  • United States - December 16
  • Canada - December 20

Priority Shipping

  • United States - December 20
  • Canada - December 21

* Express and Priority service is available for other countries as well; please contact me if you would like me to set it up for you. 

Canada Post Holiday Season Shipping Deadlines, 2016

Cindy Lou Who 2

Photo Credit: Christmas Poinsettia, Staplehurst, by H Matthew Howarth; Creative Commons License

Photo Credit: Christmas Poinsettia, Staplehurst, by H Matthew Howarth; Creative Commons License

Just a quick reminder that shipping from Canada to pretty much anywhere - including Canada - can be slower than you might hope, so if you want to receive your order by December 24th (which is a Saturday this year), here are Canada Post's suggested Christmas shipping deadlines for 2016:

  • Canada - packages December 12 (Xpresspost is December 21); lettermail Dec. 19 (my items ship lettermail)
  • United States - December 12 (Xpresspost is December 16)
  • Africa - November 25
  • Asia - December 2
  • Australia - December 2
  • Caribbean - December 2
  • Central America - December 2
  • Europe - December 2
  • Middle East - December 2
  • New Zealand - December 2
  • South America - December 2

I am unable to offer the faster Xpresspost option automatically on this website for countries other than the US and Canada, but just let me know if you are interested, and I will be happy to calculate it for your location and send you an invoice. 

Since these are only "suggested" guidelines, I strongly recommend buying your gifts before the date listed for your region, given the known delays at this time of year. 

You can check out Canada Post's detailed recommendations here

Canada Post Strike Possible, 2016 - Shipping Notice

Cindy Lou Who 2

I may be auditioning some delivery alternatives ...  "Pigeons", by  Jocelyn , under  Creative Commons License . 

I may be auditioning some delivery alternatives ...  "Pigeons", by Jocelyn, under Creative Commons License

UPDATED (August 30): ***Canada Post has reached a tentative agreement with its two largest unions, likely averting a strike or lockout for the next two years, so unless the unions do not ratify the contracts, the rest of this blog post is now obsolete***

If a full walk out or lockout eventually occurs, the federal government has said they will not legislate them back to work, at least not right away, so this could be a lengthy disruption. I will continue to update this post with more information as it becomes available.

As of today (August 26th), I will continue to ship all orders within 2 business days, although I will be warning all Canadian customers that a work stoppage may occur before their items arrive. Fortunately, my non-Canadian orders usually get out of the country on the same day they are mailed, so those orders will ship normally for the time being. 

In the event of a full strike or lockout, I will have several different options available:

  • Calgary-area customers can contact me to arrange a pickup point for their orders.
  • Shipping via courier will be available for any customers who want to pay the additional shipping fees. Contact me for a quote! 
  • For all other purchases, I will be shipping American orders via the United States Postal Service (USPS) once a week from Montana. USPS shipping to some countries other than Canada will also be possible for an additional fee. 

Need to mail something and want alternatives to Canada Post in case they close down? I've compiled some major options here

I will be updating this post with any new information as the situation develops; check back often.