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Canada Post Holiday Season Shipping Deadlines, 2016

Cindy Lou Who 2

Photo Credit: Christmas Poinsettia, Staplehurst, by H Matthew Howarth; Creative Commons License

Photo Credit: Christmas Poinsettia, Staplehurst, by H Matthew Howarth; Creative Commons License

Just a quick reminder that shipping from Canada to pretty much anywhere - including Canada - can be slower than you might hope, so if you want to receive your order by December 24th (which is a Saturday this year), here are Canada Post's suggested Christmas shipping deadlines for 2016:

  • Canada - packages December 12 (Xpresspost is December 21); lettermail Dec. 19 (my items ship lettermail)
  • United States - December 12 (Xpresspost is December 16)
  • Africa - November 25
  • Asia - December 2
  • Australia - December 2
  • Caribbean - December 2
  • Central America - December 2
  • Europe - December 2
  • Middle East - December 2
  • New Zealand - December 2
  • South America - December 2

I am unable to offer the faster Xpresspost option automatically on this website for countries other than the US and Canada, but just let me know if you are interested, and I will be happy to calculate it for your location and send you an invoice. 

Since these are only "suggested" guidelines, I strongly recommend buying your gifts before the date listed for your region, given the known delays at this time of year. 

You can check out Canada Post's detailed recommendations here

Fall 2015 Shipping Schedule for Cindy Lou Who 2

Cindy Lou Who 2

Autumnal Rainbow I, by Scott Robinson (cropped),  Creative Commons License

Autumnal Rainbow I, by Scott Robinson (cropped), Creative Commons License

Due to our condo building's elevator being replaced during the next few months, there will, unfortunately, be disruptions to my usual 3-days-a-week shipping schedule. Since I cannot walk up multiple flights of stairs without assistance, I will not be able to leave the building often, & will have to rely on other people to take your orders to the post office. 

For that reason, there will be no shipping on the following dates, inclusive:

  • September 19-27 (shipping resumes Monday September 28th)
  • October 5-12 (shipping resumes for one day only Tuesday October 13th)
  • October 14-18* (shipping resumes Monday October 19th)
  • November 2-11 (shipping resumes Thursday November 12th)

* I may be able to get one day of orders out during this time, but at the moment, nothing is scheduled. 

Please note that all of my websites will be open during this time, so you can purchase at any time. These dates include statutory holidays where Canada Post is not open, as well as weekends, so the shipping delays aren't quite as bad as they look. My regular 3-days-a-week shipping will resume in mid-November, & will likely become daily shipping around the first of December. 

While we are talking about holidays, this is a good time to remind you that Canada Post recommends fairly early cutoff dates for December holiday gift shipping. They have not released their recommended dates for this year yet, so here are the cutoffs for 2014 as a guideline. Get your shopping done early so you aren't disappointed!

Happy autumn, everyone!