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Hail Storm In Downtown Calgary, July 2015

Cindy Lou Who 2

Video from a hail storm today in Calgary

We just had quite the storm blow through Calgary; these videos were shot at the tail end of the storm, once the hail let up a bit. At first the view from our window was almost completely white! (No video of that part, because it wasn't safe to be on the balcony). There was no water in the alley before the storm started (although there is still some there a few hours later, after the hail has melted). Looks like the cars mostly made it through ok! 

Afternoon of July 4th, 2015, taken in the Beltline area of Calgary. 

Close ups of the water flowing through the alley

Here is extended raw footage of a taxi cab caught in an underpass a few blocks from our home; gives you an idea of how quickly it all happened, as I doubt the cab driver would have tried to go through if it had looked like that (video from CTV News Calgary)

Update: Thanks to the websites & media outlets that have retweeted or featured my storm videos: click to see coverage from The Weather Network and