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Natural Tektite Jewelry and Accessories

My selection of real tektite jewellery and accessories - pendant necklaces, earrings, bracelets and key chains, plus moldavite earrings. Black meteorite glass made by outer space visitors! 

Natural Tektite Jewellery and key chains

Here is my collection of tektites, aka meteorite glass, created when a meteor enters Earth's atmosphere then crashes. The moldavite earrings are a new addition!

While I only have a small selection of pieces here at the moment, I will be expanding over the next several months, and I have many, many tektites in my supply stock, so please contact me if you would like something made especially for you! 


While you sometimes see people refer to tektite 'stones', they are not really semi-precious gemstones but instead naturally-created glass, ejecta resulting from a meteorite impact. Most of my stock is very black in appearance, but some pieces show a characteristic green-brown tint around the thin edges when you hold them up to the light. In contrast to the average tektite, moldavite is light green, & comes from just one impact site in Germany. 

Although some people believe that tektites have metaphysical and healing properties, many others celebrate them for their unique connection to outer space. Learn more about their creation and formation here.